Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Integrated Direct Download Links

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 was released some time ago. If you already have downloaded Windows 7 ISO image or you own a Windows 7 DVD and want to install or re-install Windows 7, SP1 would need to be installed separately which would take some extra time. This is very hectic especially for people like Network administrators who have to install Windows 7 on their network many times. There is only one way to integrate Service Pack 1 inside Windows 7, Slipstreaming.

Slipstreaming is a very technical and time consuming process which will result in Windows 7 Service Pack 1 integrated together. This gives many other options like silent install of Windows plus pre-installation of other essential software like drivers etc. But if you don’t want to get into slipstreaming, you can downloaded Windows 7 integrated with SP1 from the Microsoft download network. I’m providing the direct download links to all the versions of Windows 7 SP1 integrated.

All the ISO images above are bootable so you only have to burn a DVD with the image provided and install it on your computer without installing SP1 and other updates separately. Also note that the ISO images provided above are 30 day trials and will not work after 30 days if you don’t activate Windows. You may be interested in activating Windows 7 offline after re-installation. And how to backup your user profile so that you may be able to restore it after re-installation.