Windows 7 Gadgets for Tech Savvy

The blog orbmu2k offers some gadgets for windows 7/Vista. In all gadgets I have found 5 gadgets useful for a tech savvy.

  • Intel Core Series gadget
  • Top Five Processes gadget
  • Network Traffic gadget
  • Memory Usage gadget
  • GPU Observer gadget

Intel Core Series Gadgets

If you own an Intel processor the Core Series (Core Solo, Core Duo, Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, Core i7) you can view all cores performance.

Intel Core series gadget details you all the cores usages ( in numerical values and bar displays), temperatures per core, graph display.

CPU Monitoring gadget for Windows 7

To display temperatures per core you need to install WinRing0 driver. Open options and click on Install Driver, Click Yes on the UAC confirmation dialog. The driver will be installed in a few seconds. Now you will see temperatures in the gadget display.

CPU Cores Monitoring gadget for Windows 7

The Graph style can also be changed to filled threads or graph threads.

The gadget has the option to automatically adapt to number of available threads. You can see the snap for 8 threads CPU.

Temperature monitoring gadget for Windows 7

Another little addition is for those having motherboards with SuperIO LPC chip ITE (IT87xx). Gigabyte motherboards usually have this chip. The new addition displays the CPU fan speed and core voltage.

Top Five Processes Gadget

This gadget has dual functionality it can display top five CPU hungry and top file memory hungry processes.

Top five processes gadget for Windows 7

The gadget comes in handy when the system seems to be too slow. You can identify the problem right from the gadget.

The gadget can also display top five memory hungry processes. If you want this gadget to show top five memory processes, open the option and in Top Five Mode select the Memory. If you want to see both top five CPU processes and top five memory processes then just open the gadget gallery and add another instance of top five gadget and configure it for memory.

You can also change the refresh interval which is by default 3 seconds.

Network Traffic Gadget

The network traffic gadget is great showing up the network up/down traffic in bits and kb/s.

Network traffic widget for Windows 7

To configure the gadget for your network you need to open the options and in Select Network Interface:

Select your network adapter/connection. Now click on OK and all your network traffic will be displayed. You can change the drawing style to graph or filled bars.

Memory Usage Gadget

The memory usage gadget shows the physical and virtual memory usage.

Memory usage widget for Windows 7

The gadget shows used memory / total memory.

The green bar shows physical memory and blue bars shows virtual memory usage. Virtual memory includes the page file. The gadget also has the option to display the usage drawing in filled or graph style.

GPU Observer Gadget

This gadget can display both of NVIDIA and ATI GPU information.

GPU Observer gadget for Windows 7

The gadget can display GPU temperature, Fan speed in, PCB temperature, GPU Load, VPU load, Memory Load and clock. Open install it will display only the temperature of GPU. But you add other information by configuring the options. You can also create a dump file that containing the data about GPU.

Download all these gadgets in a single file:

[download id=”15″]