WeTransfer: Send Large Files Up To 2 GB Via Email For Free


WeTransfer is an online file transfer service which supports sending files up to 2GB. WeTransfer is the easiest file transfer service with easy to understand and use interface. The just has to drag and drop one or multiple files on WeTransfer site widget, enter your email address and the email addresses of people you want to share files with. You can send email up to 20 people. You can also type an optional message which will be common for everyone. Your own email address is needed because WeTransfer also lets you know when each one of the receiver has downloaded the files. This is a great feature, mostly a premium one available here for free.

Hitting the Transfer button will open the terms and conditions dialog box. You will need to agree to the terms and click OK. The transfer starts immediately after that.

WeTransfer transfer complete

Unfortunately there is no way to pause the transfer process. You will need to continuously upload the files and if there is an interruption in your Internet connection, the upload process will start again.

The files are stored on WeTransfer servers online for a period of 2 weeks. After that the files will be automatically deleted. I think 2 weeks period is enough for the receiving person to download all the files.

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Transfer Big Files is a WeTransfer alternative which supports password protecting the files before sending. Transfer Big Files lets you send files of size up to 100 MB. The files will expire in 5 days. You can password protect the downloads and also get a notification when recipients have downloaded the files.

Which service do you use for sending large files via email?