Webroot System Analyzer Scans Your PC For Problems

Webroot System Analyzer is a great software for analyzing and detecting problems in your Windows PC. You can also get rid of these problems easily.

Detecting your PC problems is not easy. You can only understand this if you fix your PC or other people’s PCs problems. A single problem can have many reasons. And finding out the original one isn’t like a piece of cake. For instance, slow running PC can be the victim of malware, Hardware issues or maybe it requires some resources to work properly.

Webroot System Analyzer is a nifty program and detects your PC problems quickly. The program is portable so you can carry it and execute it directly from anywhere including your USB Flash drive. In short, the program analyzes your PC problems for one to two minutes and highlights all the issues that your system is going through. The program highlights all those issues which need quick attention and your first priority. The program mostly scans those areas that are infected very often.

The Webroot System Analyzer is available for both 32-but and 64-bit versions of Windows including Windows 8.

After you run the program, you will see the screen which shows some features of the program. Just click on “Agree and Begin Analysis Button” and the program will start scanning your PC for problems.

Webroot System Analyzer

After completion, the software rates your PC problems by giving a score at the end. It divides the results in three categories.


In this part, the Webroot System Analyzer mentions all the frequent crashes, checks if your hardware is running properly.


Webroot System Analyzer searches for software-related internal problems, temporary files that are creating problems, etc.


The program also searches for virus or malware-related problems and mentions the number of infections that should be removed.

Webroot System Analyzer rating

The downside of the Webroot System Analyzer is that it detects the problems but does not show how to solve them. You can see the list of problems and can save it but finding the solution option isn’t available. It does not even direct you to other programs that could resolve your problems. However, overall, the program is very easy and rates your PC problems in the quickest time.

Though, the software does not provide any solution to the problems but you can do it yourself by acting on the following guidelines:

For Malware

For malware problem, nothing is better than installing an antivirus software. Windows 8 comes with a built-in software but you can download and install third party software as well. Some notable ones are McAfree Antivirus and AVG antivirus. You can choose any antivirus of your choice for threats that Webroot System Analyzer mentions.

For Temporary Files

Temporary¬† files are those files that, if deleted, won’t make much difference. They are the files that consume your PC’s space without any reason and must be deleted. The files include cookies, and history. Just follow these steps and remove temporary files:

  1. Go to Control Panel.
  2. Choose Internet Options.
  3. Click on delete browsing history and cookies. Internet properties will open.
  4. Now you can delete all the temporary files.

Editor’s note: A better way of deleting temporary files is to use the disk cleanup tool or CCleaner for better results.

Hardware-Related Problems

Hardware related problems can be found out by using Belarc Advisor. Not only for hardware, but software, network, and security tasks can be easily fulfilled by the Belarc Advisor. You can download it here.

Make your PC problem-free by analyzing it with the Webroot system analyzer. Solve your PC problems with the above mentioned techniques and your PC score will increase. You may also want to see some ways to increase PC speed without installing any software.