View Detailed Information About GPU With GPU Caps Viewer

GPU Caps Viewer is advanced form of GPU-Z tool which gives detailed analysis of your graphics system. It gives information about GPU name, Shader cores, tdp,graphics BIOS,memory size, memory type, GPU temperature, Fan Speed, Clock speed, PhysX ,Current and maximum vddc voltages.

The tool has separate information tab for OpenGL, OpenCL and CUDA.

The tab CUDA meant for the nVidia Compute Unified Device Architecture shows some data about the CUDA capabilities of the graphics system. CUDA graphics card enables faster downloads and reads to and from GPU, fast shared memory and scattered reads. The OpenCL (Open Computing Language) API utilizing the CUDA GPUs can create stunning application with parallel computing.

GPU Caps Viewer

The other main feature of this tool is that it lets you check the GPU performance through many OpenGL and OpenCL tests. The OpenGL tests are:

GL 4.x – Tessellation, GL 3.x – Illuminated Torus, GL 3.x – Triangle of Death, GL 2.1 – Furry Cube, GL 2.1 – HDR, DoF and RadialBlur, GL 2.1 – HW Geometry Instancing, GL 2.1 – Soft Shadows, GL 2.1 – GLSL Point Sprite Particles, GL 2.1 – Vertex Displacement Mapping, GL 2.1 – CEL-SHADING, GL 1.2 – Simple Mesh.

Here is a snapshot of OpenGL test furry cube

View Detailed Information About GPU With GPU Caps Viewer 1

When you want your GPU to be test you need to select a test/demo and click start, the next window gives you the option to change test/demo window size (default is 600×600) and Multi-sample anti-aliasing¬† (MSAA).

The OpenCL tests two type of tests CL CPU and CL GPU. CL CPU tests require CL CPU supported graphics system.

The tools tab gives information about the computer system. You can send the validation data of your GPU. You can also see the record of GPU data sent by other people on the GPU database.

The program is available in both installer and portable versions.

GPU Caps Viewer is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download GPU Caps Viewer

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