Upload Pictures To Facebook Easily Using Google Chrome And Firefox

Uploading pictures and photos to Facebook is quite easy. You can easily upload the pictures through the web interface of Facebook. You can also upload your photos through a mobile device. I like to have a drag and drop functionality for uploading my photos. By using drag and drop I can easily select all the photos that I want to upload and drop them at Facebook. But unfortunately Facebook doesn’t allow drag and drop operations until now. There are applications which can serve the purpose of uploading multiple photos to Facebook without opening the site.

If you are using Google Chrome, there is a Chrome extension called Facebook Photo Uploader. You can install FB Photo Uploader from the link given below and launch the application in Chrome. After signing into your Facebook account, it will give you all the albums that you have created in Facebook. You can drag any photo to any album and the picture will be automatically uploaded to your Facebook account and it will show up in your news feed.

Facebook photo uploader

See the video demo of FB Uploader:


Download Facebook Photo Uploader Chrome Extension

If you are using Mozilla Firefox, you can use Universal Uploader (Fireuploader) Firefox add-on for uploading photos and videos to Facebook and other popular file sharing sites.


Download Universal Uploader Firefox add-on

Also check out upload photos to Facebook from Windows Desktop.

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