How To Upload Photos To Facebook From Your Desktop In Windows

Facebook is the most popular social networking site on the planet. One of the features of Facebook is to share photos with your friends and family. Facebook makes it easy to share photos to specific people or everyone. The only problem is the default Facebook uploader. It is web based and does not have a lot of options for uploading multiple photos to Facebook albums. This is where third party uploader apps come into play.

Upload2Facebook is a Windows app for Facebook which can make it really easy for uploading multiple photos to Facebook albums. You can even upload the whole folders to Facebook.When you are installing Upload2Facebook, it will ask you to install a browser toolbar which makes it easy to use photo uploading features. If you are not comfortable with the toolbar, just un-check “Upload to FB” during the installation. (We don’t recommend any type of toolbar for your browser because they tend to slow down the browsing process)

Facebook toolbar

This app will be able to access the following information from your Facebook account:

  • You basic info
  • Your email address
  • About you
  • Your likes
  • Your stories: status updates, photos, videos
  • Photos shared by you

During installation, the app will also ask you about the default sharing behavior of the photos uploaded through Upload2Facebook app. The default is set to everyone. You can change it to only your close friends or specific groups.

When you start Upload2Facebook for the first time, you will see two browsing panes in the app window. The left hand pane will let you access local hard drive and select photos to be uploaded. The right hand pane shows the Facebook albums in the form of folders. Unfortunately Upload2Facebook does not offer drag and drop functionality. You will need to select the photos you want to upload from the left hand pane and then click on the upload button in order to upload the photos to the folder selected in the right hand pane.


When you click on the upload button, you will get an option if you want to add comments to the photos being uploaded. If you want to comment, press the Yes button.

Add comments to the photos

Upload2Facebook window will show you the progress of photos being uploaded. You can cancel the uploading process at any time by clicking on the cancel upload button.

Upload2Facebook app is good for those who are adept to uploading large amounts of photos to Facebook.

Download Upload2Facebook

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