Update Installed System Software Easily With Patch My PC

The problem with most modern software vendors is that they tend to install system services in order to check for updates. If you have installed a lot of software on your system, there will be a lot of processes running in the background even if the specific software are not running at the moment. The good thing is that most of the software update programs can be uninstalled or disabled. The ideal way to check for updates without losing any processing and memory is to have one software which can be run occasionally and it can check for updates to all the software installed in the system.

Patch My PC is a portable utility that does the required work of updating the software installed in the system. Patch My PC will list down the most common software that need updating. Here’s the screenshot:

Patch My PC

The software given in red are the ones which need updating while the green ones are already updated. If you click on the Run Updates button, it will update all the software which need updating. But if you want to update on selected software, you can right click on the software name that you do not want to update and select Skip update.

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