UndoClose: Re-Open Recently Closed Folders And Files In Windows

We all wish there was an Undo button for all our actions in our life but life doesn’t give much of an option in this regard. But we can create undo buttons for the things which are in our control. The best example is a browser. Almost all the modern browsers including Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome have an option to undo and re-open a tab that was closed recently. But when it comes to Windows files and folders, we are left with a different option. We can only see the recently opened files, folders and programs through the start menu option (needs to be enabled in start menu).

Undo Close is a free and portable program which adds the Undo function in Windows. It constantly monitors the opening of files and folders and logs everything. When opened it will sit in the system tray and do the monitoring. If you have recently closed a folder and want to re-open it, you can use the hotkey CTRL-Shift-F. If you have close a program or file and want to re-open it, you can use the hotkey CTRL-Shift-A. You can also change the hotkeys in program settings which you can get by right clicking the app in the system tray.


There is an option to run this program at startup. This makes it easy to use the program as set it and forget it. Once you have configured everything, you will only need to remember the two hotkeys the I have mentioned earlier.

Download UndoClose

My wish is that this utility should also be available as an installable app. And it should cater to the universal undo functions like Ctrl-Z.

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