Twitter Will Lose Its SEO Value?

Twitter is a micro-blogging platform which has tremendous SEO value as the tweets by users frequently appear in Google search results especially in case of major current events taking place. Apart from this, many SEO experts have experimented over the value of tweets. Articles with more social presence majorly on Twitter will be ranked highly in Google.

twitter_google © by The Daring Librarian

This trends seems to fade away as Google and Twitter failed to make a deal. In the previous deal, Google was allowed to access data from Twitter in order to show it in search results. That’s how Google realtime was working. It used to fetch data from Twitter for current event. Now the agreement has been lost and Google had to take down its Google Realtime search engine in July.

Google Realtime has bounced back again. But now it will take social data from Google+ rather than Twitter. This seems to be Google’s move to decrease dependence upon other popular social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

In all this fuss, I fear that the SEO value of Twitter will be lost. What do you think about this?