Toolbar Removal Tools

Toolbar removal tools are handy utilities which make sure that your browser remains clean from all types of threats and slowlessness.

The toolbars are a popular type of add-on which are installed separately, usually in our web browsers. Toolbars are meant to help us in one way or the other. There are several kinds of toolbars which can be installed to make browsing and searching fun and easy. If we search Google about the definition of toolbar, we’ll get the following definition:

(in a program with a graphical user interface) A strip of icons used to do certain functions.

Toolbars used to be good and productive but times have changed now. Now toolbars are more of a marketing tool than a useful one. Most often than not, toolbars will slow down our browsing experience and result in frequent non-responsive browsers. Some toolbars are still useful like Google Toolbar. Mozilla has a very helpful page about toolbar removal tools.

Another dangerous trend about toolbar installation is that now some free utilities are packaged with toolbar installers meaning that installing those free utilities will automatically and usually secretly install the toolbar. It is always a headache removing those toolbars. We will discuss some of the toolbar removal tools which can be very useful if the uninstaller provided with the toolbar fails.

IObit Uninstaller

Toolbar Removal Tools - IObit Uninstaller

IObit Uninstaller is a great program management utility for Windows. It can uninstall any program from the computer. A cool feature of IObit Uninstaller is that it includes a separate tab for Toolbars. Its function is very similar to other toolbar removal tools. You can go to the tab and see which toolbars are installed on your computer. Remove those which you don’t want.

Download IObit Uninstaller

Toolbar Cleaner

Toolbar Removal Tools - Toolbar Cleaner

Toolbar Cleaner is an advanced toolbar removal tool for removing all kinds of toolbars from the computer. Its user interface is quite intuitive and displays installed toolbars in each browser. It will go deep into all kinds of installed toolbars and extensions and remove them at your will.

Download Toolbar Cleaner

Multi-Toolbar Remover

Toolbar Removal Tools - Multi-Toolbar Remover

Multi-Toolbar Remover is a specialized toolbar removal tool which will remove specific toolbars if they are installed in the system. The toolbars include the following:

  1. Google Toolbar and QuickSearchBar
  2. Yahoo Toolbar
  3. AOL Toolbar
  4. AOL Radio Toolbar
  5. AOL News Toolbar
  6. AOL Email Toolbar
  7. AOL TalkTalk Toolbar
  8. Comcast Toolbar
  9. ASK Toolbar

Download Multi-Toolbar Remover

You may also want to use ASK Toolbar remover which is dedicated to removing the ASK Toolbar but I would suggest using Multi-Toolbar Remover.

T-Tools Antiseptic

Toolbar Removal Tools - T-Tools Antiseptic

T-Tools Antiseptic is a portable app which will automatically detect and remove any toolbars installed in your system. It includes a definitions database which will automatically update when the program is started. This means that it will be able to remove the latest toolbars if the definitions have been updated.

Using these tools, you’ll be able to keep your computer clean and the PC performance will not degrade due to unnecessary toolbars. Which toolbars are you using at the moment? do you prefer to install toolbars?

If you know of any other toolbar removal tools, please share it with us in comments.