Theme Converter for Windows 8 Adds Auto-Colorization Feature To All Themes

Windows 8 has a great graphic feature called auto-colorization. This means that the windows color will automatically adapt to the color of the background. For example if you have a purple background, the Windows theme color will automatically be converted to purple and then the background changes to blue, the them will automatically get adjusted.

This feature is not enabled in every Windows 8 theme by default but you need to enable it manually. To make this change, you can go to Control Panel –> Appearance and Personalization –> Window color and appearance. Choose the current color as automatic and save the settings. This will enable the auto-colorization feature. Now the window colors will automatically get adjusted to the background.

Theme Converter for Windows 8

You will need to do this for every theme you want to enable. To make this process easier, Theme Converter comes to the rescue. ThemeConverter for Windows 8 converts any Windows 8 theme to auto-colored theme and all this is done in one click.

Theme Converter for Windows 8 is a portable app and does not require any installation. Using it is also very simple. Just download it from the below location and run it. Now just click on the Add autocolor button and the theme will automatically be updated. The app will also show the preview of the resulting window colors for each background included in the theme.

I have also tried it on my Windows 7 machine and the app is also working perfectly fine on Windows 7. So you can also use the auto-colorization feature in Windows 7 now.

Download Theme Converter for Windows 8

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