The New Default Firefox Theme Very Similar To Google Chrome?

The Mozilla team is constantly improving Firefox in every new version released. The user interface is one of the major factors people get attracted towards a browser. The last major changes in UI were in Firefox 4. Mozilla is planning to revamp the UI again in Firefox 8. There have been some mockups of the new theme that will be the default in Firefox 8. Stephen Horlander has shared some interesting UI mockups of the new Firefox theme codenamed “Australis”. Let’s take a look at the screenshots of the new interface:

Firefox Australis Theme For Windows

The above screenshot it from Firefox in Windows 7.

Firefox Australis theme for Mac OS X

The above screenshot is from Firefox in Mac OS X.

The new style of tabs looks very similar to Google Chrome but there’s a lot more to the UI than Chrome. If you want to test the new look and feel of Firefox that is being thought out as of now, you can download the new theme from Deviant art:

Download Firefox Australis theme

While no compatibility of Australis theme is known, I have successfully installed it on a Portable Firefox 5. Tell us about your experiences regarding the new theme and UI.

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