Download Latest Adobe Flash Player 11 And Adobe Air 3

Adobe has recently released Adobe Flash Player 11 and Adobe Air 3.  The new Flash Player features accelerated graphics and 64-bit support. I had previously written about Adobe Flash Player 11 beta which had the same features which have been matured in the stable release. Here are the latest runtime versions of Flash Player and … Read more

5 Free Portable Password Managers

If you are not using a single password for every service, it is always difficult to remember different passwords for all the services. It becomes even more difficult when we try to create complex passwords for each of the service. In today’s online world, having a secure password manager is very important because it can … Read more

Adobe Flash Player 11 Beta With 64-Bit Support

Adobe has finally released Flash Player 11 Beta. The distinction of this release is that it has also been released for the much awaited 64-bit technology. Flash Player 11 is still in beta but Adobe plans to release the final version by the end of this year. Features included in Flash Player 11 Flash Player … Read more

DropboxPortableAHK – Portable Dropbox

Dropbox is most probably the most used online storage system. It is popular among people because it’s very easy to use and secure. The security issue was raised some time back when Dropbox system was open to people without using the correct username and password. This was, according to the Dropbox management, due to a … Read more