System Ninja: A Powerful Windows Optimization Software

System Ninja Software is a free and powerful Windows Optimization Software. The inclusion of word ‘Ninja’ in the name compels the user to give this software a try at least once.  We are not an exception so we installed it on our system and reviewing it now. We are sharing the features that we have found in System Ninja Software along with some description that may give you an overview of this tool.

PC Analysis:

Being a computer engineer, the very first option I checked out was the ‘PC Analysis’. Although I could not come up with any strong point that could justify the need of this feature in this System Ninja, but we can happily accept it as a freebie. It provides you with details of your Operating System, hard drives, processor, logical disks, motherboard, BIOS, physical memory and network adapter. You won’t find it useful if you are a common user but, tech geeks will be glad to have all the details in one window.

System Ninja PC analysis window

Being a common user, you are only interested to know how much free space is left in your drives.

Go to PC Analysis -> Select Logical Disks.

Now, click on the drop down menu and select the disk you want to inquire about.
You may want to check the total space available in KB, MB or GB. Or simply look at the ‘Space Remaining’ which is given in percentage.

Scan Exclusions and Inclusions:

Scan Inclusion feature allows you to include your selected files and folders that can be detected as junk. You can add a file, folder or an entire drive to scan. However, if you have added any folder by mistake, you can easily rectify your mistake.

Go to Options -> Select Scan Inclusions.

In the right side panel, there is option ‘Add inclusion’. Select Folder/Drive or the Individual File. You can remove added file by selecting the file and click ‘Remove Selected’. It does not delete your file but only excludes it from the scan list.

Similarly, if you want to scan all files except a few then you can choose ‘Scan Exclusions’. Unlike ‘Scan Inclusion’ it also provides the option to exclude any specific program from scanning.

System Ninja scan settings

System Tools:

System Tools tab has Start Up Manager, Process Manager and Additional Tools. Start Up Manager contains information about the applications that are processed whenever your system is started. Do not mess up with the Process Manager as it can disturb your system settings if you do not have adequate knowledge about it.

Additional Tools tab offers some free plugins like Registry Cleaner, Ninja Script Editor, File Analyzer and Windows Service Manager. Registry Cleaner is used to detect and remove unnecessary registry keys. However, Ninja Script Editor is more technical plugin that lets you create new cleaning rules for System Ninja.

Junk Scanner:

System Ninja is mainly targeted to delete the Junk from your computer. You may be familiar with the Toolwiz Care which is also a system optimization software and can be used to clean up your disk space by removing the unnecessary files and folders. It is not only the space that motivates us to use any cleaner rather, the presence of unnecessary files slows down the speed and performance of your Operating System as well.

So, kindly make sure that you remove the redundant files on regular basis to enjoy optimized system performance. This reminds me the need of ‘Scheduled Scanning’; unfortunately this option is not available in System Ninja.

Now, coming to the actual scanning, you can select from the available checklist whatever you want to scan. You need to close your browser if you want to remove your internet history.

If you want to remove empty folders as well then you have to select it manually.

Click on the ‘Scan for Junk’ drop down arrow and it will provide you to options.

Check ‘Scan Folders’.

Empty Folder options is added in the list. Check the box to include it in the scan.

Click Scan for Junk to start scanning.

System Ninja junk cleaner

We have tried to briefly discuss all the major features provided by the System Ninja Software. The moment I came across this software, I was fascinated with the name and description provided. I thought that it will be some magic software that will boost the system performance to double or even more. However, it is somewhat disappointing that some features are added unnecessarily whereas they have overlooked other important features.

For example, System Ninja is bit technical software but there is no Help option available to describe the functionalities. You have to visit the support center in case any help is required. But, if you ignore that ‘Powerful Windows Optimization Software’ tag and think of it as a Junk Cleaner; you will be satisfied with it. The best thing about this software is that it will take only few minutes to perform its job.

Download System Ninja

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