System Mechanic: Powerful Performance Optimization Software For Windows

Windows is a great Operating System but its performance deteriorates with the usage and passage of time. To understand why Windows starts performing slowly, we will need to understand the working of Windows. Windows makes use of files and registry in order to operate. The registry is the database where all information regarding Windows and software is stored. Let’s take a look at how Windows loses performance by the passage of time.

Windows makes excessive use of temporary files. Frequent file operations result in file fragmentation and clutter. With file fragmentation, more time is needed to access and read a file. As the temporary files storage becomes larger and larger, the system drive gets a performance hit.

PC fixing

The second most commonly faced problem is of Registry corruption and fragmentation. As Registry is the main driving force behind Windows, corruption in Registry will result in hugely degraded system with frequent crashes.

Windows starts some services and processes when it boots. These services can be from Microsoft by default and also can be added by third party software. These services and processes can also slow down the PC if a lot of unnecessary items are added to Windows startup.

Unfortunately Microsoft does not offer any kind of services to boost the performance of Windows again. There are a lot of third party tools which have been created for this purpose. There are a lot of free and paid tools but they should be used with care as some of them can destroy your Windows installation. My favorite tool for optimizing Windows has been Toolwiz Care. You can also use TuneUp Utilities 2011 for free and Advanced SystemCare for the purpose of PC optimization.

All of the above mentioned tools are really very good but they are not the best. They offer a lot of optimization and cleanup services but no one is the perfect one. If you are thinking of the perfect system optimization and automated care solution, System Mechanic from iolo is the only solution that comes in mind.

System Mechanic has been in business since the early days of Windows XP and seems to come up with the most powerful performance optimization solution for Windows. In my opinion, it has got all the nuts and bolts for keeping the system in good shape.

System Mechanic dashboard

When you start System Mechanic, the dashboard overview will show you the current system analysis report in a graphical format which makes it a lot easier for us to see if the overall performance of Windows is up to the mark or not. There are three meters, one for health, one for security and one for overall performance. System Mechanic also provides a gadget in Windows 7 which shows the same performance meters on the Desktop.

The graphical user interface of System Mechanic is quite soothing to the eye and employs a Windows Explorer like approach. It lists down important tasks in the left hand pane while the right hand pane the selected task and corresponding options and suggestions.

System Mechanic automated tasks

Automated Tasks is where iolo System Mechanic takes the lead from all other optimization software. Selecting ‘Automated Tasks’ from the left pane will show all the automated tasks supported by System Mechanic. You have to option to enable as many tasks as per your convenience.

System Mechanic can also monitor the anti-malware and firewall software currently installed in the PC and makes sure that both of them are enabled and up to date.

System Mechanic All in One Tools

If you don’t have much time and want a one click solution to all your PC problems, System Mechanic provides one for you. You will need to select All in one tools under Toolbox which will list down all the one click solutions available in categories. The best all in one tool is Total Registry Revitalizer. It is the most safe way of cleaning, optimizing and fragmenting Windows Registry. You can also use individual tools if you want a specific solution.

I just love the IntelliStatus reports part of System Mechanic. IntelliStatus reports list down the current status report of all the components which are essential to PC performance for example, hard drive space, system memory, startup items, running programs and Internet speed. You can optimize each one of these just by clicking the Optimize button.

System Mechanice IntelliStatus reports

One of the most important features that most of the other optimization software lack is to roll-back the changes made by the software if anything goes wrong. Most of the software make use of Windows Restore functionality which can be a problem because it will restore all the Windows settings in addition to the changes made by the software.

System Mechanic takes a better approach in this regard and includes SafetyNet to review or roll-back changes to the system made by System Mechanic. You can revert or roll-back each change without affecting the whole system.

Overall, System Mechanic is a gem to have in the PC. If you want a truly performance optimized PC, do consider System Mechanic as the only optimization software for all your needs.

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