Sysinternals Updater – Update Sysinternals Suite

Sysinternals is a collection of tools developed by Microsoft which make the life of analyzing and troubleshooting a computer and network easier.

Tools like Process Explorer and Autoruns help in getting rid of the malware infecting a system. There are other tools in this suite that get updated quite regularly fixing bugs and adding more functionality to the new release. The problem with Sysinternals suite is that all the tools in the suite are stand alone utilities which need to be updated manually. This becomes a tedious task to update this huge collection of tools and is almost impossible to maintain the updated list.

sysinternals updater

Sysinternals Updater a useful tool that can update your collection of Sysinternals tools. The tool can update all the tools contained in one folder. Yes, for Sysinternals Updater to work properly, all the tools have to be in the same folder. When you give the folder to the updater, it scans the folder and lists down all the utilities and checks only those which are either out of date and a new version of that utility has been released or that tool doesn’t exist in the folder.

If you want to download Sysinternals suite, you can download it from Microsoft TechNet.

Download Sysinternals Updater [847 KB]

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