Sync And Backup Files To USB Drives With O&O AutoBackup (Free License)

O&O AutoBackup is a backup and sync tool especially designed for USB drives. It can be used to backup all your important data on an external USB drive. The external USB drives can include USB flash drives, removable hard drives, memory card readers etc.

An interesting feature of O&O AutoBackup is that it allows to use wildcards which can be used to include or exclude certain types of files.

Using O&O AutoBackup

O&O AutoBackup is highly recommended for home users because it is very easy to use and virtually requires no complex configurations. There are only a few steps involved to start backing up your data with O&O AutoBackup.

O&O AutoBackup configuration

  1. The first step is to select the data source which you want to backup. This includes all the folders and files you’re interested in synching or backup.
  2. The next step is to choose a destination USB storage device on which all the data will be synchronized or backed up. The program will automatically list down the external drives attached with the computer. If you don’t have attached USB device, you should plug it in and then hit the refresh button in order for the program to detect it.
  3. In the final step, you are given three options on how you want to backup the files.
    1. Copy all the source data in a directory on the destination drive.
      This will backup all your data by copying all the files in the source to the destination.
    2. Copy all modified and new source data, no deletion of data.
      This is very much like synchronization only with the exception that no files will be deleted in the destination folder.
    3. Perform synchronization, i.e. apply all changes and file deletions.
      Same as option 2 but this is a full synchronization option and the two folders (source and destination) will remain identical.

How to get O&O AutoBackup free license

O&O AutoBackup is not a free software but I will guide you to get this software absolutely free of cost. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Download O&O AutoBackup software from the following locations
    Download O&O AutoBackup 32-bit installer
    Download O&O AutoBackup 64-bit installer
  2. Go to this promo page for your free license key. Enter your email address and press “Request free license" button to get the serial key in your email.
    request free license key for O&O AutoBackup
  3. Install O&O AutoBackup. During installation it will ask you to enter your license key or run the program as a 30 day trial. You should choose to enter your serial key in order to get the full version of O&O AutoBackup for free.

I hope this will be a good choice for home users who can easily set the software once and it will automatically start backing up the important folders on the external USB drives making your data safer. What are your thoughts about this software?