Solution To Microsoft Surface Tablet Cover Split Problem

Microsoft surface tablet was launched last year on 26th October. Like iGadgets, the tablet created a buzz around the world and won the market with huge sales. People bought it like crazy and hence, this tablet was considered one of the best products Microsoft has ever launched.

The tablet comes with Microsoft Windows 8 as standard Operating System which makes the tablet faster and more convenient for users. In its starting days, things went smoothly but as weeks passed, a problem came up which made Surface tablet’s users disappointed. The fault was not with the tablet itself. It was with the cover pad which comes with this exceptional tablet. Generally, the tablet comes with two types of covers, a touch cover and another type cover. They are connected to the tablet through a magnetic strip.  Many users observed that after some time the cover starts to split which made it inconvenient for them to use the tablet.

The Problem

Surface touch cover tearing

To explain the problem further, the tablet cover splits up at the seam and you can see the wires through the split part where the cover is connected magnetically to the device. One after other, users started complaining that this problem is a serious one and they won’t prefer anyone to buy this tablet. Now, the question arises is that why Microsoft provided users with pathetic covers. Was the material of touch and type covers not good? Was it a flop idea from Microsoft or was there some other problem?

People observed that the cover splits more quickly when you bend the surface cover behind and use it as the tablet’s base. The problem actually seems to be with the material of the cover.

Microsoft’s Response

Microsoft took notice of this problem and helped their users. When many people contacted the company to explain their problem, Microsoft consoled them by saying that you can get your cover replaced from any local Microsoft outlet. Moreover, a company’s representative also said that those people who are having problems with Microsoft Surface tablet’s touch and type cover can contact customer support for assistance.

This was a very good action on Microsoft’s part but the reputation of this company doesn’t allow such type of blunders. Microsoft is one of the top Operating System sellers and their hardware is always of best quality (only if they create one like XBOX 360). The material they use speaks for itself. But this time, Microsoft made a big mistake which would have resulted in the company’s dishonor.

The issue created a buzz on the Internet and the company knew the fault within two weeks after the release of this Microsoft Surface Tablet. These covers look very attractive and come in bright as well as dark colors but this problem really proved the fact that “All that glitters are not gold”. On the other hand, one should appreciate Microsoft’s efficiency towards this issue. The company didn’t let its customers down and proved that no one can compete with Microsoft in presenting quick solutions.

According to Microsoft’s spokesperson, “Microsoft makes every effort to ensure our customers receive a high quality product. We are in active contact with our Customer Support operations and are aware of a small number of instances of material separation. Customers can contact Microsoft Customer Support if they have any questions.”


The only solution for this split problem is to contact Microsoft for a replacement cover. Many users in several forums have told that they contacted Microsoft support and were given the replacement covers. So if you get into this problem, just make sure that you contact Microsoft immediately.

Getting in touch with Microsoft regarding this issue is not a problem. You can either go to the Surface support section or contact Microsoft via Microsoft support answer desk for Surface.

You can also contact Microsoft support by phone. Just go to Microsoft worldwide page and select your country. This will display your Microsoft local support available for your country. For United States and Canada, you can visit this page for support information, phone numbers and their operational timings.

If you haven’t got your hands on Microsoft Surface, be sure to buy Microsoft Surface with Windows RT. You may also want to buy Type covers or touch covers for your Surface tablet.

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