Superantispyware Portable Free Download

SuperAntispyware is the best antispyware out there with over 30 million users around the world. SuperAntispyware can get rid of spyware, adware, malware, trojans, worms, parasites and other malicious software installed on an infected system. There is a free version of SuperAntispyware as well as a Professional one. The Professional version includes real time scanning and protection.

If a system is infected by a malware which will not allow any antivirus or antispyware to be installed, SuperAntispyware comes with a portable version too. It can be run from the USB drive without any installation. The best feature of SuperAntispyware is that it can reset many Windows settings that were disabled by malware. It includes functions to enable Start Menu Run Dialog, enable System Tray, enable Task Manager, enable Windows Control Panel, enable Windows Explorer Folder Options, reset Home page, reset Internet Zone security, reset local page, remove Desktop Screen Saver, remove Explorer Policy Restrictions, remove WinOldApp Policy Restrictions, repair Desktop policies and a lot more.

SuperAntispyware can scan the system for malware and then remove them conveniently. You can update the signatures regularly to stay up to date with the latest definitions which will make sure that SuperAntispyware is able to detect and remove the latest threats. The Professional Edition of SuperAntispyware also includes heuristics scanning which can detect the threats even the malware which don’t have a regular definition yet in the SuperAntispyware database.

Download SuperAntispyware Portable

Please note that the portable version of SuperAntispyware comes in a COM file which can be useful if the malware is blocking EXE files from running.