Suggy: A StumbleUpon Alternative With A Twist

StumbleUpon is a very popular network for browsing websites related to a particular topic. One just has to install the StumbleUpon toolbar to browse the websites in ones interest field. There is one limitation in StumbleUpon that it does not allow to see the list of websites so that we can choose what we want to open. We have to click on the Stumble button in order to proceed to the next website. It is a sequential approach.

Suggy configure interests

Looking for a StumbleUpon alternative which can solve this sequential limitation? Suggy, a new startup, has come up with a new way to browse the Internet. It can be termed as an alternative to StumbleUpon with a twist. Unlike StumbleUpon, Suggy does not require you to specify your interest. When you install the Suggy toolbar it will ask you if it can identify your interests using your current browser history and bookmarks. This is a great feature and I’m surprised with the identification of interests. It has pin pointed my interests and arranged them into different topic groups.

Suggy topic groups 1

Like StumbleUpon, Suggy comes as an Addon for Firefox and can be installed for free. After installation, Suggy takes some time (about 2 hours or so) for identifying and compiling the results. After the compilation, similar topics will be grouped together and will be shown in different topic groups. Just click on one topic group and you will see webpages related to the topics you have chosen.

There is a nifty feature of refining the topics. You can zoom in and zoom out which will increase or decrease the number of topics in a topic group. This feature is very useful if you want to browse websites of a very particular topic. In StumbleUpon we have to be content with a single topic of browsing. In this regard, Suggy can be termed as a better StumbleUpon alternative.

Suggy refine interests 1

If you are not satisfied with the topic group and want to add your own interests, you can edit the topic group to add or remove interests from the group. Suggy also includes a somewhat social function by which you can favorite any topic group by click on “I like it” button. You can also share the topics with other people using their emails or on Facebook and Twitter. Suggy even lets you connect with people with similar interests as yours.

In my opinion, Suggy can be a better alternative to StumbleUpon because it is more customizable and has a better relevance algorithm as I have not seen any irrelevant results while I was testing Suggy. What are your thoughts about this new social network?

To download Suggy toolbar for Firefox, you will need to register a new account on Suggy and then you’ll be given the download link for the toolbar addon.

Do you like Suggy? Which StumbleUpon alternative are you using at the moment? What are your thoughts about StumbleUpon? Please tell us in comments below.