SRWare Iron: A Google Chrome Alternative Based on Chromium

Google Chrome is a fantastic browser with amazing speeds and a sleek design. The only problem with the browser is that it is maintained by Google and it arises the issues of privacy. The security experts are concerned with the privacy issues in Google Chrome such as the creation of unique user ID or submission of entries to Google to generate suggestions. This concern becomes severe when you are logged into Google account. All your data is being scrutinized by Google.

SRWare Iron Google Chrome alternative

SRWare Iron is a web browser based on Chrome source code and can be termed as a good alternative to Google Chrome but without those privacy concerns. It can be quite handy for anonymous browsing. When you install SRWare Iron, it will ask you for the default search engine. By default, Iron-Start is selected. If you’re comfortable with Google search then you should change it to Google as your default search engine.

SRWare Iron about page

The installation of SRWare Iron is quite simple and does not require any configuration. When you start the browser for the first time, it will look almost identical to Google Chrome. I didn’t find any major differences between the two browsers, Chrome and Iron. Both the browsers can be run simultaneously. You can start working with Chrome and Iron without them interfering with each other.

SRWare Iron comes in an installer as well as a portable version. Both are 32-bit versions but can be run on 64-bit Operating System.

Download SRWare Iron installer

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Download SRWare portable

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