Speed Up Computer And Improve PC Performance With Toolwiz Care

Publisher: Toolwiz
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
License: Freeware
PC Performance and Optimization
Toolwiz Care

PC performance is one thing that every user wants to optimize their systems for. No one wants to have an utterly slow computer with a lot of errors. Windows, unfortunately, does not provide a solid way to deal with PC performance and optimization issues. We need to rely on third party software in order to speed up computer and tune it according to our needs.

Toolwiz is a collection of tools integrated in order to provide a single interface for all the PC performance and optimization issues. I have been using other software like CCleaner and Advanced System Care but Toolwiz Care seems to be the best in the business. It provides all the functions of other optimization software and a plethora of additional functionality.

Toolwiz Care

After installation, you will see a floating bar on your desktop which displays all the important information about your computer like CPU usage, memory usage and network upload and download speed in real time. This seems to be the perfect solution to monitoring your system without even distracting yourself. The stats will just stay there on the desktop. You can change the location of the floating bar anywhere on the desktop and make it always on top.

Speed Up Computer And Improve PC Performance With Toolwiz Care 1

Toolwiz Care graphical user interface is user friendly. You don’t have to be a computer wiz in order to use Toolwiz. There is a row of buttons on top of the main window. Each button will bring further tools below on the same window. You will see the following buttons:

  1. Checkup
  2. Cleanup
  3. Speedup
  4. Security
  5. Tools
  6. App Manager

Checkup is the overview screen where you will be able to see PC performance and errors. You can also start different tools from this interface.

Cleanup contains four different sub-tabs for cleaning up the computer. This cleanup will help to speed up computer considerably and bring in more space for your use. The following tabs are available:

speed up computer Toolwiz care

  1. Registry clean to clean the registry which helps in reducing registry size and errors and gives a considerable boost in PC performance.
  2. Disk clean will delete all the junk files present in the computer. Scan for junk files and clean up the computer.
  3. Privacy clean removes the history, cookies, form history etc. from the computer. All the history including Windows recent documents, Windows Explorer history and browser data will be deleted. All the major browsers are supported including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox.
  4. Disk Analyze tab will tell you very useful information about any folder of your choice. The information presented is in a graphical format making it easier for you to see which files and folders are taking up the most space in that particular parent folder. You can do the same for the whole drive.

Speedup also contains four sub-tabs. All these tools will be used to speed up computer.

pc performance Toolwiz Care

  1. System Optimizer provides different suggestions and Windows tweaks which will help speed up computer.
  2. Startup Report will list down all the components started during Windows startup with information about how much time each component is taking to load. This can be very helpful in nailing down the slow startup problems.
  3. Startup Optimizer will be used to disable or enable all the items of Windows startup. This is a very extensive list and includes startup items and services.
  4. Fast defrag provides a very quick disk defragmentation to the drives of your choice. You can first scan a drive for fragmented files and defragment it if the no. of fragmented files is larger.

Security also contains four sub-tabs providing a deep analysis of computer security.

Toolwiz Care security

  1. Plugin manager lists down all the plugins, browser helper objects, context menu items, protocol handlers etc. You can remove any plugin which you find suspicious. Previously I used to do this with Hijackthis but now Toolwiz provides an all in one security solution for my needs.
  2. Network manager shows all the connections currently active on your computer. It shows each program detail which is connected to the Internet.
  3. Process manager tabs shows all the active processes and how much memory they are using. You can terminate any process of your choice.
  4. Service manager lets you manage the services, enable and disable them at will.

The Tools button will show you tools that are useful for everyday use and can also help in troubleshooting the system. The tools are divided into three categories:

  1. Basic tools
  2. Advanced tools
  3. Super tools

App Manager is an alternative to Windows Programs and Features tool. You can search and uninstall any installed software. The categories of App Manager help in managing the programs better. The programs are organized into following categories:

  • All programs
  • Recently installed programs
  • Large programs
  • Rarely used programs
  • Windows updates

This is not all. You can configure the program settings by clicking on the configure icon on the top right of the Toolwiz Care window. You can schedule the cleanup process so that your PC performance always remains optimal.

I think this is the best software for PC optimization and cleanup. I hope the publishers of the software will add more monitoring utilities which will make it an all in one PC performance software.

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