Soluto: Improve Windows Boot Time And Fix Problems

Soluto is system software that lets you increase system performance by reducing Windows boot time. It runs in background and monitors programs and services. It analyzes how much time programs and services take to load during the Windows startup process. It shows the total time your system takes to boot and the number of applications loaded during system boot.

Features of Soluto

  • Know how much any application delays loading of Windows
  • Delay or Pause applications loaded during boot
  • Disable Internet Explorer and Chrome Addons
  • Take measures to heal system crashes
  • Remotely monitor computer

Installation & Usage

You need to register an account on Soluto website. The registration is free. After registration you can download Soluto web installer to install it on your computer.The setup connects to the Internet to download the 14 MB soluto installer.

After you have installed it, you will see a webpage which shows Computer parameters e.g hardware configuration, Option to install different apps, information about windows updates etc.

You need to restart your system about two to three times for the Soluto to determine the boot parameters of your system. After that when you run Soluto, you will see four different icons on the Soluto interface named Chop Boot, Heal Crashes, Your remote actions and Lighten Web Browser.

Reducing Windows Boot time with Soluto

Here I am giving you the tutorial for reducing boot time. Click on the Chop Boot icon which is available on home screen of Soluto.

Soluto Chop boot

It  shows the programs loaded in system boot in three categories

  1. No-brainier lists those applications which can be delayed or paused without any harm to system.
  2. Potentially removable is for advanced users who know which process should be delayed or paused and which should not be.
  3. Those applications which cannot be removed with the Soluto

The interface is very user-friendly and easy to understand even by a newbie computer user. Just hover over any application name and you will see its name widened, move the mouse a bit down and you will see the Pause and Delay and In Boot buttons, Click on Pause or Delay.

When you have paused or delayed some applications you can restore them. To restore any application hover the mouse over the Removed applications icon and hover over any name you want to restore , click on In Boot to restore. You can also see the boot History.

System requirements and download

Soluto is compatible with Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32+64 bit editions supported)

Download Soluto