Solution: Invalid Security Token Error With Jetpack Comments

A few days back a new version of Jetpack by was released which featured a new module, Jetpack comments. It provides a great comment form along with different login options (, Twitter or Facebook) to make it easy for people to leave a comment on the blog.

I had updated Jetpack and enabled Jetpack comments for Since I’m using the Thesis framework on this blog, Jetpack comments module does not get enabled automatically. I have written a tutorial on how to enable Jetpack comments in Thesis theme.

The next problem that I faced after installing Jetpack comments was the following error when the comments were submitted:

Invalid security token. Error

No matter if I was logged into any network or not, I would get the same error message when submitting a comment. This was alarming because there would be no commenting activity if this error persisted.

I looked into the matter and it was revealed that Jetpack comments has some issues with another anti-spam plugin, Anti-spam Bee. I think having a combination of Akismet and Anti-spam Bee will make your blog 100% spam free. But now since Jetpack comments module is not working with Anti-spam Bee, I will deactivate it at the moment until the author of the plugin does something about compatibility with Jetpack.

If you are having the same problem after installing Jetpack comments and you have installed any other anti-spam plugin than Akismet, try deactivating it to see if the commenting works fine.

Please tell us about your experiences about Jetpack comments and Anti-spam Bee in the comments below.