6 More Ways To Turn Your Laptop Wireless Card Into A Software Wifi Router

I have already talked about two tools to convert your wireless card into a hotspot. I have been collecting more software in this category. If you want to turn your wireless card into a software wifi router then I will tell you about 6 more tools which can do this task easily. Each software tool has its own benefits. I personally use Connectify for my home network. Let’s talk about the hotspot convertor tools


Seventhgate wifi router

Seventhgate is a very light weight alternative to Connectify. It does not require a lot of resources to run. The best part is that it only runs when required. You can connect any no. of devices to the hotspot created with Seventhgate. Now you can create your own VPN or a private game network without requiring anything extra.

Virtual Wifi Router

Virtual Wifi Router software wifi router

Virtual Wifi Router requires .NET framework 3.5 in order to operate properly. Once downloaded and installed, just run the application, set a password for wifi security and you’re ready to go. Wifi created with Virtual Wifi Router support reverse tethering for mobile devices. You can easily share Internet connection with this software wifi router when enabled.

Virtual Router

Virtual Router

Virtual Router is a free and open source software router for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008. Virtually any type of Internet connection can be shared with Virtual Router including Wifi, LAN, Cable Modem, Dial-up, Cellular, etc. Virtual Router uses WPA2 for wifi security.


Maryfi wireless router

Maryfi is another good software wifi hotspot create very similar to Connectify. All types of Internet connections can be shared with this wifi router software including cable modem, cellular card and another wifi network.


Whisher wifi network

Whisher takes a different approach with tradition wifi software. It attempts to create a huge network of all wifi networks. If you are a member of Whisher, you can easily find and use wifi networks shared by other users around the world. In addition to that, you can also make your own wifi network for your home usage.

Wifi hotspot creator

wifi hotspot creator

Wifi hotspot creator has a very intuitive and simple interface. There are a few options to configure that are very obvious.  Give a name to your network (SSID), a passphrase for securing the network and select the Internet connection. That’s it. Click start and your software wifi router is ready to rock.

These are the six free software that will turn your laptop wireless card into a full fledge wifi router without requiring any hardware. Which is your favorite wifi creator?

In the end you may also want to optimize your wireless connection for better performance.