The New Features Of Microsoft Socl

Microsoft Socl (pronounced as Social) is a social networking project by Microsoft. When it was first leaked in 2011, it was named as Tulalip but then Microsoft officially named it as Socl. This network was invite only in the beginning and only a few students from US universities were given access to it. But now it has come out for everyone.

A few days ago, Microsoft quietly announced that they had made some changes to the network adding new features and doing some spring cleaning. The overall design has also improved. Let’s list down the changes and then go through some of the major features one by one.

socl homepage

List of Features

– Simplified site navigation, including:

  • create a post button
  • discover (full site search and discovery)
  • pinned menu for quick access to notifications, messages, setting, parties and about
  • centered Socl logo to refresh the page
  • single click access to your profile
  • feed pivots between following and everyone

– Collections and Interests merged into one concept

  • collections curated by everyone (formerly Interests)
  • collections curated by individuals, including private collections
  • collection descriptions
  • tags now done at the collection level rather than the post level and applied only by collection followers

– Better post creation, featuring:

  • drag and drop
  • resize
  • shuffle
  • share to other social networks

– Personal opportunity cards to help build your following feed

– Private messages

– In line editing of profile information

– Enhanced discovery, search and presentation of related content

– Enhanced first time user experience

All these features have been accounced by FUSE labs.

Post Builder

If you have logged into Socl, you will see a +Post button in the menu bar. Clicking on the +Post button will take you to the post builder where you can create a new post. This is very similar to blog posting. The ultimate purpose of post builder is to create a collage of information you are gathering.

Create a Post in Socl

By the way, there is no need to create a separate account for Socl. You can login with your existing Microsoft ID or Facebook ID.

Better search and discovery

New new version of Socl comes with better search and discovery option. You will find the discovery button beside +Post button in the main menu. Clicking on the Discover button will open a drop-down which lists down the suggested queries. You can also enter your own query.

The search results page will list the collections first (which you can follow instantly by clicking the following button) and then posts related to your query.

Query Socl network

Collections instead of Interests

Microsoft has replaced Interests with Collections which can be curated by everyone as well as private collections. Now you can use tags at collection level instead of the post level.

If you want to know more about how Microsoft Socl works, you can head to the about page of Socl.

What are your thoughts about the new features introduced in Socl? Will you start using this social network in addition to all other networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.?

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