Snap Plus: Add Windows 8 Win+X Menu To Windows 7

Win + X menu can give you quick access to important tools and functions of the Operating System. This functionality was introduced in Windows 8. Snap Plus brings this menu to Windows 7.

We have already wrote about the Quick Admin menu introduced in Windows 8. The Quick Admin menu or Win + X menu is a quick access menu from which we can access many system tools and functions with a shortcut. For example, we can open the command prompt with administrative privileges using Windows Key + X + A. We have discussed all the shortcut keys in our useful Windows 8 shortcuts article.

Quick Admin Menu

Snap Plus is a nifty software which has been created to add more juice to the snap feature of Windows. The snap feature was introduced in Windows 7 but Windows 8 makes more use of the snap feature. It can also activate the quick admin menu in Windows 7 making it super easy to access important parts of the Operating System.

Once installed, you will be taken to the settings of Snap Plus. You can select the keyboard layout. Two keyboard layouts are supported, Default and Laptop. The default keyboard layout includes the number pad while the laptop keyboard layout doesn’t include it in the software functionality.

Snap Plus Settings

Next, you will need to select the hotkey modifiers which includes three keys Ctrl, Windows Key and Alt key. You should select a combination of two keys so that Snap Plus does not conflict with the system default shortcuts. By default, Windows Key and Ctrl are selected.

You can also change the tray color to black, gray or white.

If you have selected the default configuration, you can press the Ctrl + Windows Key and the numeric keys to snap the current window to any location on the screen. For example, if you press Ctrl + Windows Key + 5, this will snap the current window in the center of the screen. Pressing Ctrl + Windows Key + 1 will snap the window on the bottom left corner of the screen.

Snap Plus snapping feature

If you are using Windows 7, you can enable the Win+X menu by checking “Emulate Quick Link (Win+X)” on Snap Plus settings. This will enable you to open the quick admin menu by using Windows Key + X shortcut key.

Snap Plus is still in beta but when a stable version comes out, it will certainly enhance the functionality of Windows, whether it is Windows 7 or Windows 8. What are your views about Snap Plus?

Download Snap Plus from here.