Snagit 11 Released, Download Now With 50% Discount

Snagit is the best screen capture software for Windows and Mac. Although it is not free, it offers almost everything that a person needs for capturing screenshots and even recording the screen. TechSmith has released the new version of Snagit i.e, Snagit 11. This version of Snagit brings better video capturing to Windows as well as Mac OS. The previous versions of Snagit used to have a 5 minute length and 1 GB size limit of video capture which has been lifted in this latest release making it easier for people to record and show their desktop screens to others.

With the video capabilities of Snagit 11, Jing Pro has been discontinued. The current users can have support of the software for the next one year. The support will be discontinued on 28th February, 2013.

In addition to video recording, there are some other major features added to Snagit 11. Now you can share your captured videos and images on Youtube, Facebook or Twitter right within Snagit 11. A few more stamps have been added to the Snagit editor making it more exciting and fun to edit images.

Snagit 11 sharing

Now you can copy the image to the clipboard and paste it on the Snagit 11 editor canvas. This is useful especially when you want to copy the images from Microsoft Word or from the web.

Snagit 11 expands the resizing capabilities and adds inches and centimeters in addition to pixels and percentages. You can see the video below to see all the updates in Snagit 11 in action:


Overall it’s a very good update and is worth upgrading. If you have already purchased Snagit 10 or any other previous version, you can upgrade to Snagit 11 for $24.97. Jing Pro customers can also purchase Snagit 11 for the same amount. If you want a new license, you can get it for $49.95. But if you are a new customer and want a discount, you can go to Snagit store and fill the Promotional code as “JINGPRO” and click on Update price button. This will make the price as $24.97 giving you a discount of about 50%.

Snagit 11 discount

Download Snagit 11 trial and insert the license key which you have purchased using the above code. This will activate Snagit 11 fully otherwise it will work as a 30 day trial.

Update (June 2013): Now you can get the latest Snagit with 25% discount using the following promo code:Β DAD25. Please note that this offer should expire soon because it’s especially for fathers day.

30 thoughts on “Snagit 11 Released, Download Now With 50% Discount”

  1. Tried it on 4/28/2013 – JINGPRO had expired.
    WOOHO!!! ROOTS2013 worked – thanks for the update.
    Ten bucks saved. Now, will this work on the new Windows 8?
    Well, the demo version worked great, so that should be a good indicator.

  2. Thank you so much for the article and the promo code. I was on the fence, but the article and promo code made the decision to buy an easy one for me! Very informative article too!

  3. This did make my purchasing decision easy. I was hoping Snagit would start supporting video recording. The only thing missing in Snagit video recording is a simple way to automatically record full screen without having to specify the recording area every time using crosshairs. But, not bad for their first attempt at video capture.

  4. I’m an old Jing user and needed a way to save my screencasts in a video format that YouTube accepts, which SnagIt does. I downloaded the trial and am so glad I found your page after my trial expired. The half of price enabled me to upgrade today (budget is tight) and I’m making an overdue screencast now! Thank you for very much for taking the time to help others.

  5. Thanks so much for the post!!
    Worked 1/10/2013 – and totally agree – the $25 off – made my decision that much easier.

  6. Thank you so much! Still working on 12/31. What a great deal. I wonder if it will stop working in 2013? This might be the last day to use it! Act fast!

  7. Hey, thanks for letting me know about the Jing Pro discount… I don’t know why Techsmith didn’t remind me I could take this discount – but I am a pro customer and the discount worked! Cheers,


  8. 23 October: still working!

    $25 buckos off the usual price made it affordable for me, too. Thank you, Usman Khurshid for posting this. Yippee!

  9. Brilliant, just purchased Snagit as the 30 day trial was about to end and this coupon code worked at reducing the price to $24.97
    The date of purchase was today: 16 October 2012

    Thanks Usman Khurshid for posting this πŸ™‚

  10. Thank you very much for the promotion code. This made the software affordable for me. Now I will not have to use very basic Prt Scr or a less feature rich software like FastStone. Really appreciate your post.

  11. Thanks TechSmith.

    The promo code JINGPRO works. I was able to buy Snagit 11 new from their website, not as an upgrade or anything, for the $24.97.

  12. Thank you very much for putting up the promo code here for the discount. I have used Jing for years and love it. Went to Jing Pro for the extended recordings and did the trial here for Snagit – even a better step up. I don’t mind buying the program, but $25 saved is $25 saved. Thank you for putting this out there. Have a fantastic day!


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