Download SlimCleaner 4 With Software Updates Monitor

SlimCleaner is a PC maintenance and optimization software which uses the social networking to keep the system clean and healthy. According to the SlimCleaner website:

SlimCleaner main interface

SlimCleaner uses what’s called "authoritative ranking" to ensure that the ratings for your programs are accurate and that they reflect what people really think. It works by weighing the ratings of each contributor against their previous levels of accuracy and against the ratings of high-ranking users. 

We have reviewed quite a number of other pc performance and optimization software but SlimCleaner seems to be quite different from all those although the work done by SlimCleaner is the same. Let’s go through all the optimization software that we have already gone through.

Now it’s SlimCleaner’s time. All of the above tools use pre-defined databases to clean and optimize Windows while SlimCleaner takes the social approach. It will give you community ratings for each entry based on other user reviews.

SlimCleaner interface is quite intuitive with a dark theme. You will see the tools in a list of tabs in the left hand pane. The tools include the following:

  1. System Cleaner
  2. System Optimizer
  3. Software Uninstaller
  4. Browsers Cleaner
  5. Disk Analyzer
  6. Windows Tools
  7. Hijack log

All these tools pretty much sum up everything we need to have in a clean and healthy system.

System Cleaner


The system cleaner includes five tabs:

  1. Windows (Clean system files and data like log files, memory dumps, temporary files etc.)
  2. Applications (Quite a few third party apps are supported to be cleaned up by SlimCleaner)
  3. Browsers (Clean up all installed browsers including Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer)
  4. Advanced (Advanced cleans up some awkward Windows data like CBS logs, DRM Cache, Font Cache, IIS logs, notification tray, prefetch data, Windows Update etc.)
  5. Registry (This will cleanup invalid Registry entries)

System Optimizer

SlimCleaner Optimize

The second tab is Optimize. This will optimize the Windows startup and services section. You can get the community rating for each of startup item or service and take action according to your own needs. A much better alternative is Revo Uninstaller Pro which we have already reviewed.

Software Uninstaller

Software Uninstaller

Software Uninstaller is not just an uninstaller, it is also an update monitor. It will prompt you when an installed software needs to be updated.

Browsers Cleaner

Browsers cleaner

The best thing about browser cleaner is that SlimCleaner gives a different setting for each browser. For example, if we select Internet Explorer, we will get a BHO and ActiveX tab which can be cleaned up using SlimCleaner. And if we select the Firefox tab, we will get extensions and plugins. You can also change the homepage and search provider settings for each browser.

Disk Analyzer

Disk Defrag

The Disk Analyzer module of SlimCleaner includes a handful of useful utilities:

  1. Disk summary
  2. Disk analyzer
  3. Disk wiper
  4. Shredder
  5. Intelligent defrag
  6. Duplicate file finder

You can watch the following video on how to optimize your computer and input ratings.

how to optimize your computer and input ratings

Download SlimCleaner 4.0

The new version of SlimCleaner 4.0 has just arrived. If the direct download link doesn’t work, just download it from

This is an online installer. When you start the installer, it will actually download some components from the web. When I traced out which files were downloaded, it was only one file called SlimCleaner-setup.msi.bz2. I tried unzipping the file and installing SlimCleaner from the msi file but it didn’t work. So you will have to download the online installer for SlimCleaner for now.