Become A Skype Ninja With These Tips And Tricks

As Skype has been acquired by Microsoft and Windows Live Messenger has been deprecated in favor of Skype, it is becoming one of the best instant messaging and Voice Over IP (VOIP) tool for people. We list here some of the best tips and tricks about Skype which will help you become a Skype Ninja. If you are a frequent user of Skype, you will love to add these tips in your inventory. Moreover, these tips will use Skype more efficiently enhancing productivity.

Skype Welcome screen

Use Hidden Skype Emoticons

Skype provides a variety of built-in emoticons that are easily accessible by clicking on the emoticon symbol while chatting with anyone. However, you can also select one from a list of hidden emoticons to make your conversation more spicy and expressive. Below is the list of all hidden emoticons. Take care that these wont work if you don’t use small case or if you forget to insert brackets.

Skype hidden emotions

Skype emotions 1

Skype emotions 2

You can also go through the Skype country flags list which will let you insert the flag of a particular country.

Edit or remove messages after sending

“O’ Sorry! this message was not meant for you!”. Does it happen to you too? While chatting with multiple people at the same time, we often send messages to wrong recipients in a hurry. You will be glad to know that you can easily remove or edit your sent messages. Just right click on the sent message and select “Edit Message” or “Remove Message”. You will see a ‘pencil icon in front of the edited messages and a trash bin in front of the removed messages.

Editing a message in Skype

Share contact details and files efficiently

Sometimes we need to introduce one contact with another or share details among our friends. Although you can share details using the traditional menu driven interface , why not look for a shortcut instead? If you are chatting with a friend and want to share details of anyone, just drag that contact name from list and drop into the message window.

If you want to share multiple contact details then you should better send details using the menu bar.

Go to Conversation -> Send -> Contacts -> Select multiple contacts

Similarly, you can also share files instantly.

  1. Reduce the size of your Skype window
  2.  Drag your desired file
  3. And drop into message window
  4. File shared!

The beauty of file sharing in Skype is that it shares files using P2P technology. This means that if both the sender and the receiver is on the same network, Skype will use the local network to transfer the file which will make the process very fast.

Create line breaks

By default, if a user presses Enter while typing a message into the Skype conversation window, the message will be sent. But if you want to go to the next line instead of sending the message, you will need to do something else. Press CTRL+ENTER to enter new line in chat window without disturbing the continuity of your message.

Enable keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys

Keyboard shortcuts help us perform an action without getting our hands off the keyboard.If you are a keyboard junkie then you may prefer assigning some keyboard shortcuts of your choice that could help you answer calls, video calls, ignore call, hang up and much more. To enable keyboard shortcuts:

Go to Tools ->  Options -> Advanced -> Hotkeys

Check ‘Enable Keyboard Shortcuts’.

Enable keyboard shortcuts in Skype

 There are only three shortcuts that are assigned by default. You can set your own personalized shortcut keys:

  1. Click on the particular action say, take a snapshot during video call.
  2. Check your preferred keys and enter any alphabet key to make a unique combination.
  3. Do not forget to check the ‘Active’ box to activate particular shortcut.

Here is the list of suggested shortcuts that can be memorized easily:

Ctrl+C  Answer call

Ctrl+V Answer call with Video

Ctrl+I  Ignore Calle

Ctrl+H  Hang up

 Ctrl+Alt+V Take a  snap shot during video call

Ctrl+F Focus / focus Skype

Ctrl+S  Search / Find people on Skype

Ctrl+M   Mute Phone

Ctrl+T Toggle Mute

Get Free Skype Apps

Make your Skype experience more colorful and charming by armoring your Skype with numerous free apps available for download in the Skype Apps directory. You may visit the Skype Apps directory and browse through the list of available apps to extend the functionality of Skype. Here are a few useful apps for you.

Translate Skype messages with ClownFish

ClownFish language translator

If you use Skype for communicating with international clients but do not know their language then ClownFish Tool can be the right choice for you. All you need is to type the message in your native language and it will translate it into recipient’s language.

Get ClownFish for Skype

Sky Remote

You may have used skype for group chats and discussions but have you ever felt the need of sharing desktop with your co-workers ?  Use Sky Remote for multi-sharing desktop securely. Screen sharing was actually a part of Skype but it was removed in the latest versions of Skype. Now you can easily use the same functionality by using Sky Remote.

Sky Remote App

Callnote Premium Call Recorder

If you want to record your Skype conversation, there is no built in tool to do so. You can either use a third party Skype recording service or software or use Windows recorder to record the conversations. There is an app called Callnote Premium Call Recorder which lets you record the Skype conversations for free.

Visit Callnote Premium Call Recorder

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