Skype For Windows Phone Released By Microsoft

After the successful launch of Skype 5.8 which is the first release after Microsoft acquired Skype, Microsoft has also launched Skype for Windows Phone. Now everyone will be able to use Skype on their handsets like other messengers. Skype also supports voice and video calling features in Skype for Windows Phone.

Skype for Windows Phone is still in beta and the final version is expected to be released in April. Here are some of the features of Skype for Windows Phone:

Skype for Windows Phone

  • Skype to Skype audio calling
  • Skype to Skype video calling
  • Calling landlines and mobiles
  • One-to-one and group instant Messaging
  • Profile and account views
  • Mood message and profile picture updates from your buddies
  • Metro user interface

See the video demo of the new Skype for Windows Phone. It shows different features of the app on a Nokia phone.


Although there is no word from Microsoft on compatible handsets but the recommended handsets on which this new version of Skype has been tested are:

  • Nokia Lumia 710
  • Nokia Lumia 800
  • HTC Titan
  • HTC Radar
  • Samsung Focus S
  • Samsung Focus Flash

These are not the only compatible phones but you can also install Skype on any Windows Phone 7 device. The beta version of Skype for Windows Phone has only been released in English but you can expect more languages when the final version is launched.

The current version of Skype for Windows Phone is beta. There are a few features that are yet to be implemented and some features will not work under beta. So you need to wait for the final app to be released in April.

Download Skype for Windows Phone