Skype Auto Recorder: Record Skype Calls Automatically

Skype is a very useful instant messaging tool for individuals and businesses. There are many businesses which make use of Skype for communicating with their clients. There are times when we want to record our voice calls on Skype. Unfortunately there is no built-in feature for voice recording in Skype.

There are several third party tools which can record Skype voice calls for free. Skype Auto Recorder is one such free software which can make your life easier by automatically recording all the voice conversations on a computer. It only needs configuration once and then starts recording all the calls from Skype.

Skype Auto Recorder configuration

When you start Skype Auto Recorder for the first time, your Skype windows will show a message that “SkypeAutoRecorder.exe wants to use Skype”. You will need to click on the “Allow Access” button.

Skype Auto Recorder wants to access Skype

After starting, it will sit in the system tray and you will need to double-click the icon in order to bring up the configuration windows.

Let’s go through some of the features of Skype Auto Recorder:

  1. Recording conversations to MP3.
  2. Possibility to increase sound volume of the record.
  3. Doesn’t require any actions from user except initial configuration.
  4. Silent work in tray with auto connect/reconnect to Skype.
  5. Filters for recording contacts or group of contacts to different files.
  6. Possibility to record all calls regardless of specified filters.
  7. Possibility to exclude contacts (“black list”) so their calls will never be recorded.
  8. Support of patterns in the output file names.
  9. Optional autostart with Windows.

I like the feature no. 7 where we can select the contacts that we don’t want to record. This can be very helpful if we use Skype for both personal and business use. We can exclude personal contacts while Skype Auto Recoder keeps recording the business conversations automatically.

Skype Auto Recorder saves the recorded conversations in MP3 format which does not take a lot of space. You can also increase the volume of the conversation being recorded but you will need to configure this setting before recording the conversation.

The software, Skype Auto Recorder, is still in beta and will have some bugs in it but overall it’s an excellent set it and forget it tool for Windows.

Download Skype Auto Recorder