Skype 5.9 for Windows Updated to Version


Skype has just released a new hotfix for Skype 5.9 which addresses only one issue which was faced by some users. The users were not able to login to Skype and this was happening only on specific user profiles. Skype fixes this issue. You can download Skype 5.9.115 from the location below.

The actual release announcement has been made on Skype blog. If you are active in the Skype community, you will see quite a few users complaining about this issue. There has also been a manual fix to this problem. For example if you go to this thread complaining about the strange login issues, the user writes:

After upgrading to 5.9 I cannot login (ONLY) into my skype profile in windows. I can login into skype with other accounts (brother logins ok). The laptop runs on WinXP Pro. I have uninstalled-installed 2-3 times the newest version and the previous version. Skype login in Linux (same laptop) and Android phone runs ok. Tried in desktop (WinXP Home) same problem.

And here’s the manual fix suggested by g4pilut:

Hold the Windows key and type r.  Type %appdatat%Skype <enter>.  Rename the folder with your Skype name to something like MySkypeName_old.

Restart Skype and see if you can signin to your account.

But now you can install the new version of Skype which already contains the hotfix for this problem.

Download Skype offline installer

Please note that I have just given the above thread conversation as an example only as I think this could be a problem fixed in the new version of Skype but I’m not sure about it. You can share your experiences in the comments below.

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