SimpleSysInfo, Portable System Information Tool

A system information tool can be very helpful in getting information about a computer and it can further help and investigate the causes of any problem in the system. Windows also includes a system information tool that can be used to get information about a particular computer. But there are times, for example if a virus has infected the Windows System Information utility, then there is a need to get system information through third party tools.

There are several system information tools but I prefer a portable one so that I may be able to keep it in my USB drive and use it in my usb first aid kit. SimpleSysInfo is a portable system information tool that gives information about the hardware and software installed in a computer in a tabbed interface. The tabbed interface makes it easy for use to get information about a specific area like Operating System or Network very easily.


The tabs in SimpleSysInfo include General which provides general information about the system, Operating System which provides details about the Operating System installed like Service Pack Level, language, OS type, Build no., Keyboard layout, installation date etc., Memory which gives details about RAM including status of memory consumption and memory banks, Processor gives detailed information about the processor including cores, manufacturer, Processor ID, voltage, external clock, L2 cache, socket etc.

There are other tabs that give information about the hard drive, network cards, video and sound cards and settings and the office suite installed in the PC. You can easily print, email or save all this information through the buttons on SimpleSysInfo user interface.

SimpleSysInfo also lists some very useful system tools that can be very helpful in troubleshooting and keeping the computer on top form. The list includes system utilities like disk defragmenter, registry editor, system restore, service manager, Windows Firewall.

Overall, SimpleSysInfo is a very good tool to have in your collection of portable troubleshooting apps.

Download SimpleSysInfo

SimpleSysInfo is also available separately for U3 enabled USB drives.