7 Quick Ways To Shutdown Windows 8

Windows 8 does not include the ‘Shutdown’ option in the Start Screen as it was included in former Start Menu. That was indeed very handy to shutdown your computer. However, Windows 8 requires a different technique to carry the same job. Since Windows 8 has been optimized for tablets as well as Desktops, there are several ways to shutdown the computer using touch, mouse or the keyboard. Today, we will see different ways to shutdown windows 8.

Shutdown Windows 8 using PC Settings Metro Screen

Windows 8 requires a different procedure to be followed if you want to turn off your system. This procedure is touch friendly. If you are using Windows 8 on a tablet, you will feel this method to be the best suited and a quick one.

  1. Open the Charms Bar (Windows Key + C)
  2. Go to PC Settings
  3. Select Power -> Shutdown

Shutdown Windows 8 using the Run Command

  1. Press ‘Windows Key + R’  to open the Run dialog box.
  2. Type shutdown -s and press Enter.
  3. This will shutdown Windows in the next 30 seconds. If you want to shutdown Windows 8 immediately, you can issue the following command:
    shutdown -s -t 0

Create Shutdown Task Using Task Scheduler

  1. Go to System and Security -> Administrative Tools -> Schedule Tasks
  2. shutdown-administrative-tools
  3.  Or search for the ‘schedule tasks’ using the charms bar search option (Windows Key + W).
  4. Once task scheduler is opened, select ‘Create Task’.
  5. Give your task a proper name.
  6. Select ‘Run only when the user is logged on’.
  7. Check the box ‘Run with highest privileges.’
  8. Now select the ‘Action’ tab.
  9. Click ‘New’ button at the bottom.
  10. Select ‘Start a program’ in action drop down list.
  11. In the Program/Script  bar, type shutdown -s
  12. Do not change anything in the ‘Trigger’ or ‘Conditions’ tab.
  13. Go to ‘Settings’ tab and make sure that  ‘Allow task to be run on demand ‘  is checked.
  14. Click OK

Your task will be in C:\ Windows\System32.  It will be an application program with the .exe extension. Right click on the task name to place it on the taskbar or the start for quicker access. You can also associate key combination to execute it directly. We will discuss all these options one by one.


Create a Shortcut For Shutdown

There is another choice for all those who find task creating wizard complicated. Note that we do not recommend creation of a task for shutdown. But, we have shared the procedure so that you stay aware of the possibilities. Second choice is a very simple 3-step process that requires your 30 seconds only.

  1. Right click on empty space on the Desktop
  2. Select New –> Shortcut
  3. A wizard appears that asks for the program location. Now you have two choices
  4. Locate your task in C:\Windows\System32,  if you have created a task
  5. Type the command “C:\Windows\System32\Shutdown -s”
  6. Click Next and OK

Set Keyboard Shortcut keys for shutdown

We can associate some keyboard shortcut keys with the Shutdown command so that we do not need to visit the Desktop every time for turning off the PC. Instead, we will use our keyboard to shutdown Windows 8.

  • Right click on the shortcut icon and select ‘Properties’.
  • Set your combination of Shortcut keys, say Ctrl + Alt + F4.
  • Click Apply and OK.


Pin Shutdown shortcut to Start Screen

You may want to see the ‘Shutdown’ option in the Start as you are used to see in the earlier versions. Well, you can pin the ‘Shutdown’ as a tile to your start and access it easily.

  1. Right click on the shortcut icon -> Pin to Start
  2. If you have created a task, locate it
  3. Right click on it -> Pin to Start
  4. You can see the ‘shutdown’ tile in the Start Screen

Pin Shutdown shortcut to Taskbar

Similarly, you may like to pin it to the task bar.

  1. Right click on the shortcut icon -> Pin to Taskbar
  2. Or locate your created Shutdown task
  3. Right click on it -> Pin to Start

 Which trick do you like? Do you have any other way to shutdown Windows 8 which we haven’t mentioned in this article? Please share with us by commenting below.

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  1. Great article. Let me add another way. Just go to Desktop (Windows Key + D) and then press Alt + F4 key combination. This will bring the good old shutdown dialog box which we always used to see in Windows XP and prior :-D.


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