Shelfster: A Free Cloud Based Alternative To Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is a popular application from Microsoft which lets you collect and organize information the way you want. No hierarchy is needed to create a workbook in OneNote. You can easily collect and organize any type of information including rich text, web annotations, pictures, videos in a OneNote workbook and organize your data into notebooks, sections and pages. This 3-dimensional approach can be very useful in organizing content with minimal screen usage and clutter.

Shelfster is a new cloud app that seems to be a good alternative to Microsoft OneNote. Shelfster is specially designed for researchers who want to collect all kinds of information and then organize it in bits and pieces. The content collected through Shelfster can be organized using tags, categories, titles, annotations etc. All the data organized with Shelfster is saved online on the cloud servers allowing you to access your data from anywhere using any device.

Installing Shelfster

While Shelfster can be used online, it comes with installable tools for Windows, Mac and web browsers which can help in collecting different types of information. The Shelfster desktop tool sits just above the system tray. You can click on Clip or Crop buttons in order to create a new idea.

Shelfster desktop tool

To create a new clipping, just select the text you want to save and click on Clip button. A window will open with your clipped text and the suggested title. Here you can change the title, tags, notes and source. In the end you will need to select the project in which you want to save this clipping. The project in Shelfster is very similar to a workbook in Microsoft OneNote. You can use the shortcut key for creating a new clip which is WinKey + F7.

Shelfster new text item

If you want to take a snapshot of a specific area of screen, you have to click on the Crop button. The rest of the procedure is the same as creating a new clipping. The shortcut for creating a new snapshot is ShiftKey + F7.

After you have collected all the information that you want to organize, you will need to upload all the content snippets created with Shelfster desktop tool. Uploading the content is very simple. Double click the system tray icon of Shelfster. This will bring up the desktop tool interface which lists all your collected snippets waiting to be sent to your online account. Click on Send items to online account button and everything will be uploaded in a flash.

Send items to online account shelfster desktop tool

Once you sign into your Shelfster account, the process of sending items to your online account is fully automated and you don’t need to send everything manually.

You will need to create a new document in your Shelfster account and drag and drop the snippets and organize them whatever way you like.

New document in Shelfster

Signup on Shelfster

Download Desktop Tools for Shelfster (Windows, Mac and browser tools)