Share Files With Your Online Friends Directly Without Uploading Anywhere

Sending large files to other people online is really a tough job because if the file  is on our computer, we need to upload the file to an online location and then give the link to the other person in order for other person to download the file. Any P2P solution in this situation will be beneficial as it will reduce our work to half as we don’t need to upload the large files, instead they will be served directly from our computer and the other person with the URL of the file can download the file easily.

iSendr is a P2P solution which doesn’t need any installation and lets us share files from our computers using P2P. iSendr is very easy to use. We just need to go to iSendr website, choose a file and send the URL to the person who will be downloading the file from anywhere on the internet. The only disadvantage of using P2P service is the both the computers must be connected to the internet in order for sharing the file.