Send Large Files And Folders Online With uTorrent

No email system or instant messenger allows the user to send large files online. If you have a big video, or a movie or a lot of pictures to send, you should take the concept of ‘mailing them’ out of your mind. For Google, you can only send a maximum file size of 25 MB. Most other email services will use the same limit. Uploading files to cloud storage takes a lot of time. Even downloading them is not an easy task.

If you have huge amounts of data and want to send it to your friends, uTorrent can do the transfer work for you without actually uploading the data online. Since uTorrent works for all platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac OS etc., this method should work on all Operating Systems. We will be running this tutorial on Windows 8.

The benefit of downloading files through uTorrent is that the downloads can be queued and can actually be “resumed” when the source (where the original files reside) becomes available. In this article, we will go through how to send large files through uTorrent with resuming capabilities.

Sending large files and folders through uTorrent

The first requirement for this tutorial is that the sender and the receiver should have uTorrent installed on their systems. You can also make use of the portable version of uTorrent. Let’s go through the sender part first.

Once you have opened uTorrent window, go to the directory in which your file is present and drag it to the uTorrent window.

uTorrent drag and drop

After you drag and drop the file to uTorrent window, you get a window where you can click on the Get Link button to get the torrent file link. Please note that you can also drag and drop complete folders to uTorrent. There is no need to first compress the folders into one file and send it.

Send file dialog uTorrent

Rename your file if you want, otherwise click on “Get Link” button. Now the application will start creating the torrent.

Creating torrent file

Once this process is complete, a windows will appear with a link which you can share with anyone who wants to download your data.

Torrent file created

Click on copy button to copy the link. The process does not take much time and is the simplest way to send files online. When the receiver opens the link, a webpage will appear with the torrent download link.

uTorrent Remote

uTorrent allows its users to send files privately as well as publicly. Now whenever your computer is connected to the Internet, the receiver will be able to download the files and folders you have shared to their computer. If your computer is turned off, the download process simply pauses. It resumes immediately after you computer gets connected to the Internet again.

uTorrent file security

If you are sending files using this method, you should be careful about the data security. If someone else gets or guesses the URL of shared content, he will be able to download the seeded files as well. Just make sure that no one else other than the actual receiver gets the torrent URL or file. After the file has been downloaded successfully, you should remove the seeded torrent from uTorrent to be on the safer side.

What are your thoughts about this processing of sending files through uTorrent? Which method do you use for sending big files over the Internet?

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