SecurityKISS: A Free VPN Software For Windows

SecurityKISS Tunnel is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) software for Windows based on OpenVPN. We have previously given a detailed tutorial on how to install and configure ProXPN which is another free VPN software. For those who don’t know, VPN is a secure communication channel created between two computers or a network of computers.

Why use a VPN?

A VPN connection is a good measure to have safe communication between two or more computers through a public network connection like the Internet. One more use of VPN is to access content blocked by the Internet Service Provider. Using the VPN you are virtually sitting on the computer on the other hand (the VPN server).

SecurityKISS Tunnel is a good choice for newbie and novice users as it is very easy to install, configure and use. Let’s go through each process in brief.

Downloading and installing SecurityKISS

Download the latest version of SecurityKISS installer.

SecurityKISS is supported on the following Operating Systems:

  • Windows XP (32-bit & 64-bit)
  • Windows Vista (32-bit & 64-bit)
  • Windows 7 (32-bit & 64-bit)

SecurityKISS needs TAP-Win32 Adapter in order to function correctly. It will be installed when you start installing SecurityKISS. You should select “Continue Anyway” on the warning message window. Other than that, installation is very simple and should be straight forward.

Hardware installation TAP-Win32

One thing you should keep in mind that SecurityKISS needs administrative previleges in order to run on Windows 7. So you should start the program by right clicking on the program and selecting “Run as Administator”.

SecurityKISS run as administrator

Using SecurityKISS

Using SecurityKISS is even simpler than installation. You only need to run it as administrator and press the Connect button. This will connect your computer to the SecurityKISS servers via a secure VPN connection.

SecurityKISS Tunnel

Please note that the free version only allows you a maximum bandwidth of 300MB/day and you can only browse the Internet through the free account. If you want to download stuff from torrents, you will need to go for a paid version which only costs around $5.

4 thoughts on “SecurityKISS: A Free VPN Software For Windows”

  1. Its my own experience,I’m revealing as it help anyone.I used this FREE VPN software and thought..WOW Its cool.But after using for more than a month,suddenly all websites begins to block my original IP,saying “You are blocked,SPAMMER” (wtf?!) I dont understand the reason and later found this software used my IP for spamming.

    TIP:If you experience the same,Just calm down and check your IP whether listed in any blacklist and send them a email.Anyhow,they will unlist your ip in 60-90days if it not spams

    • Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. I’m not currently using SecurityKISS but I’ll surely see if this VPN has anything to do with the blacklisting of IPs. In my opinion, if you are so much concerned about your security, you should have a professional firewall to protect your PC from inbound and outbound threats.

  2. I am using Hotspot Shield Free VPN to hide my ip address and surf anonymously. Its Free. Hotspot Shield VPN conceals your IP address and protects your personal data from hackers, including credit card information, online shopping data, passwords, downloads and instant messages from hackers.

    Check it out here:

    • Hotspot shield is not a very good VPN software. When I tested it last time, it came with loads of crappy software which would install along with Hotspot. Also the excessive amount of advertisement while browsing is distracting and disgraceful.


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