SearchMyFiles: An Advanced Windows Desktop Search Alternative

Windows 7 includes a very powerful and improved desktop search feature. It has a lot of additional functionality as compared to previous Operating Systems like Windows XP. In simplest terms, you can easily find your required files or items by using the search box in Windows Explorer. The indexing feature will keep a database of all the files in your computer and will give the results instantly upon search for an item.

Windows 7 desktop search can also accept advanced features like modified date range, approximate size of the file etc. Windows 7 desktop search also accepts wildcards and other complex filters but using these advanced filters is itself a highly complex matter. You’ll need to remember all the search filters in order to create a search query.

Using SearchMyFiles

SearchMyFiles comes to the rescue in this situation which makes the task of filtering search results very easy. SearchMyFiles is a portable file searching tool for Windows which allows you to specify advanced filters for your searches. SearchMyFiles does not index the content of your computer so the searching process will be a little slow.

SearchMyFiles search options

There are four modes of searching in SearchMyFiles. Standard, duplicate, non-duplicate and summary. While all the modes are self explanatory, the summary mode gives you detailed information about each filtered file like folder or file name, path, size, total files if it is a folder etc.

The search process

When you start SearchMyFiles, it will give a plethora of options as search filters. You can select the search mode first and then specify the base folders. Multiple folders can be specified as base folders by using “;” as a separator. Excluded folders field will allow you to specify folders you want to exclude from the search. You can also exclude certain file types by specifying the file extensions.

SearchMyFiles search results

Next you’ll need to specify the search query. You can also specify the file size range if you remember approximately the size of your required item. File time which includes created time, modified time and last accessed time can also be set as filters which can be an added plus if you are searching for files from a certain period of time.

Problems with SearchMyFiles

Start search button will start the search process. This process may take some time depending upon the files in the folders that you have specified. I wish this could become a tool which can index files for faster results as the search process takes more time than expected.

Another thing that I have noted in SearchMyFiles is that it does not allow you to stop the search process that has been started by closing the search window. Instead you’ll need to press the stop button in order to stop the search process.

Windows desktop search alternative?

Although SearchMyFiles is a fantastic utility which contains all the options given by Windows desktop search, it does not index the content of the hard drive and hence not very fast. In my opinion it can’t replace Windows search function but can be a great add-on to it for enhanced searches. What is your opinion about SearchMyFiles?

Download SearchMyFiles

Download SearchMyFiles portable from Nirsoft. It is available for 32-bit and 64-bit Operating Systems and supports multilingual setup.

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  1. WOW! I loss the big file of my site backup as forgetting where to put it on my drive. Luckily to find the tool. It helps me to locate the file within 15 minutes. excellent!


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