How To Search Windows 8 Store Apps

Following the footsteps of Apple and Google, Microsoft has introduced an app store in Windows 8. Now the users will be able to buy, download and install Windows 8 apps from within the Windows Store interface. If you have already installed Windows 8, using Windows 8 Store will be quite easy. You will need to click on the Store tile in Windows 8 Start screen. This will open the store for you. The apps are divided into different categories. If you have used Apple’s store or Google Play, you’ll find Windows 8 Store to be very similar. Purchasing and installing apps is just a few clicks away now.

Windows Store

Like Windows 8 Start screen, the Store app is also somewhat confusing as it does not include a search button which is a much if we want to search for a specific app. Surprisingly, you will need to press a hotkey in order to open the search functionality. Just follow the steps below in order to search Windows 8 Store apps.

  1. Go to Windows 8 Start screen and click on the Store tile. This will open Windows Store.
  2. Now press the WinKey + Q keyboard hotkey in order to open the search functionality.
    Search ctrl q
  3. Enter your search term in the search box and press Enter.
  4. If you want a list of all the available apps, you may just insert "." and press Enter in order to get a list of all available Windows 8 apps.

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