Run Programs In Sandboxed Environment With Sandboxie

Sandboxie is a small Windows program that creates an isolated environment in windows and when you run a program in it, the program will not create any file in your system folders and will not not modify registry.

The tool comes in handy when you have downloaded a file from Internet from some unknown website and can harm your computer.  You can run such a program in Sandboxie . You can also run those programs which are in development phase and you just want to test them.

Sandboxie gives you the option to  run:

  • Web Browser
  • Email Reader
  • Start Menu
  • Windows Explorer
  • Any Program

How Sandboxie works

The figure shows the best illustration of what Sandboxie does. Without Sandboxie any program has direct access to the system folders, registry and if something goes wrong, your Windows system may get corrupted. With Sandboxie the program still has its files located in the hard disk but in a completely separate environment. The program cannot change Windows registry. So your system is safe from the intrusion of such programs.

Sandboxie control panel environment

If a browser is running in sandboxed environment any malicious software downloaded by the browser  will be isolated from harming your computer. In sandboxed environment any malicious software in your email can not harm your computer.

Just like portable programs that run in isolated environment and donot interfere with your system now any program can be made to run in isolated environment.

If you want a program to be installed and then sandboxed. Just run the installer in sandboxie and install it. The program will be sandboxed automatically and when ever you run that program it will be sandboxed.

The program which require UAC permission, there is option for running it as UAC administrator.

While you are running any program in sandboxed environment a yellow border around the program window show that the program is sandboxed.

Sandboxie works on almost all Windows platforms including Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Download Sandboxie