RSSOwl, The Best RSS Newsreader, Updated To Version 2.1.4

When it comes to desktop RSS feed readers, FeedDemon has always been the choice of most users because of its simplicity, layout and synchronization options. This is obvious from the readers survey of Lifehacker. They have organized the results from over 200 comments where most of the users have specified FeedDemon as their favorite desktop RSS newsreader.

I had been using FeedDemon for a long time but left it once I started using RSSOwl. RSSOwl is an open source application developed in Java (So you’ll need the latest JVM in order to run the app). FeedDemon was good but the only problem I had with FeedDemon was that it would get stuck while updating my list of RSS feeds. I have a very huge list of RSS feeds so it would just get stuck and only respond when all the updates had been successfully completely. RSSOwl has been quicker than FeedDemon and I like the layouts provided by RSSOwl. It also gives synchronization options with Google Reader so that you don’t lose your feeds even if Windows gets corrupted or RSSOwl decides not to open again.

RSSOwl update to 2.1.4

Today RSSOwl has been updated to version 2.1.4 with a few fixes and new features. Let’s discuss some of the changes that have been made in RSSOwl 2.1:

RSSOwl now synchronizes not only the feeds but the news state, labels and star state with Google Reader. This will make sure that you don’t even lose which news have been read by you and which of them have been unread.

The Newspaper layout has been redesigned and uses less heavy colors and is easy to read than before.

RSSOwl update notice

Now RSSOwl will not refresh while you are going through the feeds. It will only display an information message when new news feeds are available while you’re reading.

Folders can be clicked to open the news inside instantly. RSSOwl now provides better support for the clean up feature which is used to clean up the feeds database.

I have only listed down some major feature changes to the reader. To read the complete changes and new features introduced in RSSOwl 2.1.4, please read the RSSOwl 2.1 change log.

Download RSSOwl 2.1.4

Do you like RSSOwl? Which RSS feed reader do you use? Please share your thoughts with us in comments below.