Right-Click Menu Slow To Open In Windows 10? Here’s The Solution

Recent updates of windows 10 has made the right click option very slow. If you want to open a file using the right click option, create a new folder or even simply want to refresh your desktop ,as soon as you right click on your mouse it takes a while before the menu finally opens. why does this happen? some third party apps that you install becomes a part of your right click context menu and as the number of options in the right click menu increases it takes more time to open up.

Don’t worry we have a solution for you in this article. In order to fix that ,you need to disable some of the apps from showing up in the context menu when you right click.

So just follow the steps given below and your right click menu will open in a snap!So let’s begin

Now in order to this you have to download an application. it is a third-party software and it is totally safe. You don’t even have to install this software as it is ready to run after download. It is called shellExView. So download the software from the link below .


After you download the file go to the download location an run the application as administrator.

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And the app starts.



Now after opening the app go to options->filter by extension type.

Now as the dialogue box opens select context menu and click ok.

Now you will start seeing all the apps that are part of your context menu. From here you can disable third party apps so that they don’t show up and make your menu slow.

In order to do that select the apps you want to disable and click on the red button on the top right corner of the window.

Like in this case i don’t want or need the AVG antivirus or the notepad++ to appear in my right click context menu so I’ll disable them.

Now go and try your right click menu option and see the difference.There you go. It is a simple process that makes your right click super snappy!

If you want to bring those app back in the context menu just go and enable them in shellExView by selecting and clicking the green button on the top right corner and you will start seeing them.