ResumeLater: Pause Videos for Later Viewing In Firefox

While watching Youtube videos if you need to close the video due to some important work and after you have done your work, you may forget about the video or the position you left the video. ResumeLater is the solution of this problem, if you are using Firefox.

After installing ResumeLater, you will see a small play button on Firefox status bar. Click on the play button and you will see a small window. This window lists the paused videos. When you want to add a video in the list for resuming it later,  just click on the play button appearing in the ResumeLater window. ResumeLater lists title of the video and time at which the video is paused. When you want to watch the listed videos, click on the play button and then the title of the video, a new tab opens with the requested video playing at the same time at which it was paused. When you want to remove a video from the list click on the crossed circle icon in the ResumeLater window, it will confirm you about the removal and the video will be deleted in the list. The populated list automatically adds scroll-bar when you have a number of paused videos.

ResumeLater Firefox plugin for watching Youtube videos

Currently only Youtube is supported by this extension although the future plans of developers include other video sites.

For Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, iOS and Android another free extension is available “Pause for later”.  When you install the extension, it will place a small pause button on the browser (In Google Chrome  pause button available near the menu button). The extension requires you to register on its website, registration is free and easy, by registering on its website you can port your paused videos across multiple browsers. This extension also supports other video websites like, Hulu. Both these extension are great for usage.

Download ResumeLater