Resize Windows 8 Start Screen With These 2 Tools

After the launch of Windows 8, it was pretty disappointing that the start menu or even the start button was not included in Windows 8. The main disadvantage of Windows 8 Start Screen was switching between desktop and the Start Screen because the start screen opened in full screen mode. In this article, we discuss two great software that will help you to re-size the start screen according to your needs.

Windows 8 Start Menu Modifier

Windows 8 Start Menu Modifier lets you re-size your start screen and place it anywhere on the screen at your convenience. This means that you can use your start screen by staying at the desktop as you do in earlier version of Windows.

Resize Windows8 Start Screen Using Start Menu Modifier

You can change the start screen position by select one of the pre-defined positions from the Position drop down menu. The Position drop down menu consists of the following pre-defined positions:

  1. Bottom (custom height)
  2. Top
  3. Default
  4. Auto
  5. Fill screen with Taskbar options

Every time you select a position option, a pop-up appears asking you to enter the height of start screen (for custom options).

Resize Windows8 Start Screen

The program also has a Screen option which is actually valid if you want to use this software for multi-screen switching.

The hotkey option lets you choose a hotkey for opening the start screen. Windows 8 start screen’s standard hotkey is ‘ Windows Key’ but you can register another one according to your choice or convenience.

Overall, the program is pretty easy to use and does not consist of many options but still lets you re-size the start screen and place it anywhere on the screen.

Windows 8 Start Screen Modifier

ImmersiveTaille V2.0

ImmersiveTaille V2.0 has a great interface and comes with several useful options. The program is best for start screen re-sizing as it lets you choose width, height and axis-wise positions as well. The program modifies your start screen on the Desktop in just one click.

Resize Windows8 Start Screen Using Immersive Taille v2.0

ImmersiveVille v2.0 consists of three menus:

 Basic Menu: The basic menu option lets you choose the type of position in which you want your start screen to appear i.e. top, bottom, left and right options. Apart from this you can choose Fullscreen + Taskbar, which means that start screen will appear but you will also be able to see the taskbar. You can preview your changes by clicking the Overview button before actually applying them.

Advanced Menu: Advanced menu consists of four different options that lets you choose the position, height and width of your start menu. You can set the position by giving the exact coördinates of x-axis and y-axis.

Settings Menu: The settings menu lets you customize the working of ImmersiveVille. You can start the software with Windows start-up to make sure the start screen always remains re-sized.

Overall, the program is good and is a must-have utility if you don’t like to switch between Desktop and Start Screen back and forth.

ImmersiveVille v2.0

Both the software work fine but as ImmersiveVille v2.0 comes with more options, it makes it easy to customize your start menu to whatever size, height and position you want. What is your preferred way of re-sizing the start screen? Do you prefer to have the start screen in full screen mode?