RealPlayer 15 Adds Social Videos From Facebook [Full Offline Installer Link]

RealPlayer 15 has been released and includes some interesting features that were already in my wish list. I use RealPlayer mainly because I can download any video just by click on the RealPlayer button which appears when the mouse hovers on the video. This is the feature that many other software provide but RealPlayer is the best in this regard.

RealPlayer 15, download this video

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While RealPlayer already includes some social features like sharing videos on different social networking sites like Facebook. The new version of RealPlayer 15 has gone one step further and now it can automatically organize and catalog videos shared by your friends on Facebook. I think this is a huge step towards the right direction as video is a big part of social networking and organizing it is a very difficult task especially in Facebook.

RealPlayer 15, mobile device support

RealPlayer 15 also adds some enhancements by adding more mobile devices to the compatible device list. Now it can also show the connected device inside the RealPlayer library. RealPlayer 15 also includes video trimming capabilities so that you can trim or cut a part of video and save it to your device instead of saving the whole video.

One more feature that is worth mentioning is an iTunes like capability. Now RealPlayer 15 supports to backup all the photos and videos from the device and organize them on the PC.

Most of the features offered by RealPlayer 15 are only included in the premium version of other media players but RealPlayer is still free and the best of all in my opinion. I highly recommend you to download the new version of RealPlayer 15 to get more juice out of your social networking world. If you go to the publishers site, they give an online installer which starts downloading files from the Internet once installed. I am giving the direct download link (offline installer) of RealPlayer 15.

Download RealPlayer 15 from BrotherSoft

RealPlayer 15 Direct Download Link [25.7 MB]

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