Real Desktop: Turn Windows Desktop Into 3D Desktop

Real Desktop is 3D animated desktop software. It shows you all the icons in 3D with their shade. You can move the icons in a 3D space. The icons can be placed on each other and you still have the right click context menu. The Real Desktop uses your graphics card for rendition of the new desktop. The software does not slow down the speed of your computer.


  • Arrangement of desktop in 3D space
  • Rotate icons
  • Change size of icons
  • Picture Preview
  • 3D Sound
  • Integrate your own graphics
  • Different Themes and Wallpapers

Installation & Usage

After installation you need to run Real Desktop for the 3D desktop. The new desktop will load in a few seconds. A Mini Tutorial menu will be showing in the top right corner of the desktop by which you can learn how to drag n drop, cut and paste, copy and paste, move a file to Recycle Bin or any Folder.

By holding the Right Mouse Button for  ¼ of a second you will see a new menu for changing Camera View. There is also an option to launch sticky notes. You can Zoom the desktop by double clicking on the empty space.

The settings window can be opened by the right click menu on the tray icon. With Settings page, you can add Documents, Network, Control Panel icons. You can change the default blue screen with different color and atmosphere options.

Real Desktop 3D Wallpaper

Wallpaper Changing Trick

You can also make your wallpaper look like 3D by using the method given below:

  1. Open Settings window
  2. Click on Wallpaper tab
  3. Check the Keystroke (Spacebar)
  4. Now press space and you will see the wallpaper changing in a 3D style.

Download and System requirements

The software is compatible with the  Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows  7. You must have DirectX capable graphics card with minimum 64 MB RAM. Geforce 3 or ATI Radeon 8500 Graphics card will run Real Desktop without any  problem.

Download RealDesktop Standard (Free)

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