Free VPN Service: How To Configure And Use ProXPN

Note: This article provides a step by step guide to configure and use ProXPN, a free VPN service.

You are connected to the network or Internet through a connection which passes through a server or the ISP which is providing Internet to you. When you are connected to the Internet you will need to communicate with different Internet Services, use your email and social networking services, surf the web and do other things on the Internet.

Do you know that all your Internet activity can be seen by your ISP? If you want to be secure and want that your privacy should not be affected by anyone, you have to use a VPN connection in order to make sure no one can trace or track you.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can provide you with a secure and encrypted way to use the Internet. If you are using a VPN connection, your ISP or anyone with malicious intent cannot tap into your communication. The VPN connection builds a secure tunnel from your computer to the service or server you are communicating with.


For example, if you are using Facebook with a VPN connection and a hacker wants to see what you are doing, he will only get an encrypted version of your communication. The original version of your data will always remain safe with VPN.

There are many services providing a secure free VPN service with nominal charges. I intend to tell you about the VPN services which are free as well as fast and secure.

The first service that I find very useful is ProXPN. There are two editions of ProXPN, free and paid. If you don’t have specific requirements, the free version of ProXPN will be the best choice.

Installing ProXPN is very simple. You can download the setup file at the end of this article. For installation you don’t have to be an expert user. The installation wizard will guide you through the whole process.

ProXPN free vpn service signup link

When you start ProXPN for the first time, you will need to create a new account which can be used with the software. Just click on “Don’t have an account?” link on the login form. You can create the account there without going to the website. It’s just instantaneous.

Once you are logged in, ProXPN will automatically be connected to a United States IP address which will be shown with a green icon in the system tray. Now you are safe and sound and no one will be able to hack your privacy.

Download ProXPN

Create ProXPN premium account

What are your experiences about ProXPN? What is your favorite free VPN service?

2 thoughts on “Free VPN Service: How To Configure And Use ProXPN”

  1. It is not working in VISTA. No browsing. It shows conncted to VPN server 172.x.x.x but no browsing. As soon i disconnect proxpn, browsing ok.

    This does not happen in Windows XP, only VISTA and Win7 dont allow. Same ISP, but winXP is ok, but VISTA and Win7 are not OK with proxpn.


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